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The CREA Group  is a professional organization dedicated to providing straightforward advice and accelerated solutions for commercial and multi-family real estate...


CREA provides intellectual capital to lenders, owners and developers, investors, private equity firms, and corporate users of real estate. We assess many factors including: financing; governmental; entitlement; development; construction; physical condition; and operational issues against market conditions to evaluate the potential of individual properties or portfolios. We work with our clients to develop an executable and realistic plan for each asset. Our professional team's formula for delivering value is combining our high sophistication level and multiple disciplines with our proven methodologies.


The business world has changed dramatically in recent months and all businesses must adapt to this change immediately or risk failure.  Our real estate advisory practice focuses on companies in transition that are strained in today's economic climate.


           The cross-disciplines represented by CREA in consulting, construction, finance, investment, and asset management assure our clients added value.



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